Dear Parent/Guardian,
We would like to express our appreciation for your patience and support as we have carefully navigated the reopening of our schools.  Each school has invested an extensive amount of time and effort to have our schools as safe and healthy as possible.  We look forward to having students once again in our buildings.  Although we strongly encourage students to be in school, we also understand concerns over those with underlying health concerns who would like to enroll in our online program.  As a reminder, if you are considering this option for instruction, we encourage you to read the provided information and link provided below and enroll by the end of this week.  The information below will also include information regarding students enrolled in dual immersion programs.  We feel confident in the online delivery system that has been developed.  
If considering online instruction, Elementary students should enroll in the Iron K-6 Online School, where they will work online with support from an Iron District teacher during school hours. These teachers will not likely be teachers from a student’s boundary school. Iron K-6 Online School will follow the same standards as traditional campus schools. Iron K-6 Online will begin instruction on August 25th.
For more information regarding this option click here Iron K-6 Online