Computer Check-Out Agreement

Parents and students,
As you are checking out a device to use during the period of dismissal, please remember that these devices are the property of the school district, and any use must be in compliance with the Acceptable or Responsible Use Agreement that all students and parents signed at the beginning of the year. You can view that document again at the following address:
If you are checking out a district hotspot, please be aware that their use across the district is limited to a certain amount of data. This data should only be used for online, remote learning purposes. Please be considerate of others when using that data. These hotspots may not be 100% adequate for all of your student’s learning needs. They are meant as a support. If you find that you need additional or faster service, please look to our local internet service providers. Many of them are offering free internet to students and families for at least the next 30 days. 
Finally, please be aware that all equipment will need to be returned to the school of pick-up at the end of the dismissal. Lost or broken equipment is the responsibility of the borrowing party to replace or repair. We are aware that accidents happen, and we will do our best to support. If for some reason the equipment is broken, PLEASE bring it to the school immediately so that it can be fixed and/or replaced and your student(s) learning can continue. 
If you have any questions regarding the equipment you are checking out, please visit this website for tutorials, FAQs, and help links.